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Simla: The Summer Capital of British India

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Author: Raaja Bhasin

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Publisher: Rupa Publications


This is an extraordinary book that traces the extraordinary history of an extraordinary place. Exhaustively researched, insightful and accurate, the story of Simla is told with verve and accomplishment. From a nondescript village in the early nineteenth century Simla (now spelt Shimla), grew to become ‘the summer capital of British India’. From this town in the Lower Himalaya, a fifth of the human race found governance for a century. Simla may have been called the ‘summer capital’, but for all practical purposes this was the ‘real’ capital of India as the Government of India stayed there for the better part of every year moving down to Kolkata (Calcutta) and later New Delhi only for the winter months. In this brilliant recreation of those years of splendour and the process of change, a window is opened to a way of life and an age that has now vanished.

Exhaustively researched, insightful and accurate account of the early nineteenth century Simla (now spelt Shimla) that grew to become ‘the summer capital of British India’.

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Category: History.

ISBN: 9788129117687

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Pages: 514

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