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A Love Affair With a Billionaire: Inspired by a True Story

Inspired by a true story... Ananda was a single mother struggling to raise her children by herself. Life had seemed more about survival and fear than wonder and grace... that was until she met Matthew, her fascinating, handsome, and very wealthy new client. Matthew and Ananda became best friends... there was a magnetic c..

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The Miracles of Friendship: Volume 2 (Within the Ocean of Eternal Love)

On their way to ultimate unification in the heavens of the Olympian Gods, the lovers Loriolan and Indirali, a merman prince and a Magna Graecian princess, along with their close friends, encounter impossible seeming odds that challenge them to the core of their beliefs and love for one another. One existential crisis aft..

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The Quest of All Ages: Volume 1 (Within the Ocean of Eternal Love)

Set against the war-prone and volatile times of ancient Magna Graecia, this uplifting tale portrays the transcendental love between a Lucanian princess and her merman prince lover. Both, expected to marry from among their own races, decide to follow their oracle and spiritual advisor’s guidance instead and set out on a l..

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