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A Book of India

Coherent picture of Indian history, culture, integrates a wide variety of readings, sources. arrange..

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Ashoka the Great

Ashoka The Great chronicles the life of Emperor Ashoka. It is a fictional biography and more accurat..

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History of the Deccan (English)

History of the Deccan (English) 01 Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs. 395The Deccan lies in South India,..

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Lucknow: Fire of Grace

Lucknow: Fire of Grace is the first full-length, historical and contemporary narrative, spanning a p..

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Siachen Glacier: The Battle of Roses

For twenty-five years, several thousand troops from the armies of India and Pakistan have been facin..

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Simla: The Summer Capital of British India

This is an extraordinary book that traces the extraordinary history of an extraordinary place. Exhau..

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