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A Book of India

Coherent picture of Indian history, culture, integrates a wide variety of readings, sources. arranged by history,, major sites, pastoral, biography, humor and sentiment, cusoms, festivals, poems and tales,religions (Hinduism,Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism). useful reference, also would make a great introd. text for a variety ..

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Ashoka the Great

Ashoka The Great chronicles the life of Emperor Ashoka. It is a fictional biography and more accurately can be called historical fiction. The original Dutch version was a trilogy, published separately in three volumes. The trilogy was written between 1937-1947 by a Dutch scholar Wytze Keuning in Groningen in the Netherlands. The..

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History of the Deccan (English)

History of the Deccan (English) 01 Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs. 395The Deccan lies in South India, bound by the Godavari and Vindhya mountains to the north, and the Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers to the south. It had no authentic historical records, except a few inscriptions and architectural remains, till the end of the thirt..

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Lucknow: Fire of Grace

Lucknow: Fire of Grace is the first full-length, historical and contemporary narrative, spanning a period of 250 years, of the Indian subcontinent’s most fascinating city-culture.In 1722, as the Mughal empire embarked on the descent to its collapse, a wazirdari arose in Awadh. Led by Mughal officers and Persian adventurers, it m..

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Siachen Glacier: The Battle of Roses

For twenty-five years, several thousand troops from the armies of India and Pakistan have been facing each other in an undeclared war in the vast expanse of the Siachen, the world's longest non-polar glacier. It did not feature in the negotiations between India and Pakistan after the wars fought by them in 1949 (the Ceasefire Li..

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Simla: The Summer Capital of British India

This is an extraordinary book that traces the extraordinary history of an extraordinary place. Exhaustively researched, insightful and accurate, the story of Simla is told with verve and accomplishment. From a nondescript village in the early nineteenth century Simla (now spelt Shimla), grew to become ‘the summer capital of Brit..

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